Research has been Swix’s most important focus since we were founded in 1946. Our continuous focus on improvement and developing technology has kept Swix at the top of the field in ski poles, ski wax, prep equipment, and apparel.

We have a deep relationship with nature. It is our main inspiration for product development, and it is in nature that our products come into their own. That is why our goal is to develop and maintain a sustainable value chain, to ensure that future generations can experience nature as we know it today.

The production and consumption of clothing demand a lot of our planet, requiring resources that pollute and affect the planet negatively. Therefore, we who work in the industry must not only acknowledge the strain we put on nature, but also take action against it.




Swix is an innovative slow-fashion brand, using timeless colors, quality and design to give our products a long lifespan. In 2020 we stopped producing ski wax with fluoride. It took many years to find the best alternative, but we are proud to say that all of our waxing products (which are sold on our own channels) are fluoride-free, non-toxic and biodegradable. Our goal is to phase out fluoride in our textiles as well with a focus on finding new ways to keep our products waterproof and windproof, without compromise to the environment.

We are working hard in a sustainable direction but are not there yet. We work purposefully toward sustainable production and we are already implementing responsible practices throughout our value chain to reduce our ecological footprint. We also want to strive to ensure that our partners and suppliers are not only up to date on current rules and regulations but are also innovating in the right direction.

Our Strategy

Swix strives to be a good role model for a good working environment with an environmental mentality. We want to create healthy working conditions for our employees, and it is important that we work with like-minded partners.

With the help of the UN’s sustainability goals, we aim to take more responsibility toward sustainable practices. This includes many of our new projects and initiatives.


We have chosen three sustainable goals in particular to work towards:

8. Decent work and economic growth
Promote long-term, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive employment and decent work for all

12. Responsible consumption and production
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

17. Collaborate to achieve the goals
Reinforce the value of implementation and continue our global cooperation toward sustainable development

Through these goals, together with our strategy and business model, we aim to make a difference. The goal is for us to create a circular model that ensures we will be responsible for our products after they leave our warehouses. In the near future, we will offer a way for our customers to return our products after they’ve lived their lifespan. We want to facilitate the repair of damaged products with the goal of extending their lifetime.

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