Guidelines and recommendations when waxing your skis

Swix’s waxing rules for private waxing cabins

  • Have good ventilation in the wax cabin
    The wax cabin should have a fan that sucks the air out, as well as an entrance where fresh air enters. In this way, you ensure circulation in the air.  
  • Use a mask when using an iron or when scraping wax of your skis
    The mask must have the recommended filter (minimum A1P3). Keep the mask tightly closed and change the filter at least before each season. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation for cleaning.

  • Avoid small particulates
    When using a roto brush, we recommend using one with a built-in suction. This removes almost all airborne dust. Connects directly to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Use the iron carefully
    Do not use a higher temperature on the wax than necessary. See the temperature recommendations on the box. Wipe off the wax from the iron after application. The particle concentration increases with the increasing difference between melting temperature and lubricating iron temperature.

  • Wear gloves when handling ski cleaners and other liquid products

  • Do not smoke in the wax cabin
    Smoking and particles are a very harmful combination.
  • Do not eat or drink in the wax cabin

  • Make sure that the waste is collected and thrown in residual waste

  • Wash your hands when finished waxing your skis

Good luck!
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