RaceX Bodyw Baby Body

Performance underwear

Baby version of the market leading, multi award-winning series of undergarments.

Color: Bright white


    • A multisport technical bodywear
    • For versatile training/leisure purposes
    • Depending on temperature and personal insulation preferences and needs
    • Tight fit - See Product Specification Bullet Points for full garment details

    RaceX Bodyw Baby Body

    RaceX baby body is made the same way as the multi award winning line of underwear best suited for high performance high pulse sports. While your baby or toddler is most likely not performing high intensity sports, it is still not a disadvantage for sensitive baby skin that the fabric is quick dry and super elastic with comfortable soft feel. Perfect as a gift to the coming generation of skiers.

    • FabricContent:100% Polyester
    • Net weight (kg):0.18
    • Net volume (l):0
    • Specification:Lightweight bodywear Less than 140 g/sqm Quick-dry hydrophobic fibers Open rib structure binds insulating air Cut fiber ends with comfortable soft feel Moisture absorbing structure Very stretchy all way elastic and naked feel
    • Gender:Junior
    • Color:Bright white
    • Size:56