Basket Triac 97, Large, Black

TBS system

Swix Triac® Basket System, Racing and recreational skiing, Serious skiers, Easily interchangeable, Good load-bearing capacity on the snow,


    • TBS basket
    • Cross-country skiing
    • For serious skiers
    • Good load-bearing capacity on snow surfaces

    Basket Triac 97, Large, Black

    The Swix Triac 97 basket in the TBS system has a wide range of areas of use from normal snow to very loose powder conditions. Swix Triac® Basket System – TBS is a patented interchangeable basket system that allows you to change the basket in just a few seconds. The system does not require the use of adhesive and makes it very easy for the skier to adapt to different snow conditions. Simply loosen the nut, replace the basket and then retighten the nut.

    • TBS (Triac Basket System):
    • Net weight (kg):0.05
    • Gender:NoRelevance