Christmas gift guide for dad

What do you give when dad has everything? This is a common issue that many people can relate to. Get inspired with our Christmas gift guide for dad, father-in-law, uncle or grandpa.


Blizzard Medium Layer Jacket — The hiking jacket for the mountains

This is a versatile fleece jacket that keeps you warm and comfortable, either as a middle layer in tough conditions, or as an outer layer in dry and nice weather. It can also be used for much more than exercise and walking.


RaceX — The baselayer that works for everything, all year round

RaceX is the thermal underwear that has become a classic. It has a unique moisture-wicking proporites, which makes it perfect for all kinds of activities, all year round. Equally suitable for grandpa and father-in-law — as for dad. 

Legacy — gloves

Good and warm gloves that keep you warm in all kinds of weather, with timeless design these gloves also fit when skiing off trail. Just remember to stay safe.


Complete set for skin skis

Wit this you get everything you need to get a good grip and good glide. It contains both floating sliders for both cold and hot conditions, as well as cleaning and boost to the skins. 

Fastening wax for serious runners — VP Series

VP is Swix's newest line of wax for competition and training. This ski wax, which is fluor free, was among other things, a winner in the World Cup in cross-country skiing last season. The VP series comes in several variants that are used in different temperatures.

Mask used when applying ski waxing 

A protective mask is a must have for anyone who apply ski wax. This mask keeps particles and gas out so that the ski wax booth is a safe place to be during ski preparation. 

Cross-country jacket for the high intensity trainer - Dynamic 

This jacket is made for the exerciser who goes mile after mile in the tracks. The jacket is light and elastic, with different materials strategically placed on the jacket according to the body-mapping principle. This ensures good freedom of movement and ventilation. This jacket will be your dad's best training buddy for many years to come.

Wax table

This is a good investment to take care of the skis and not least ensure good skis in season. Wax tables come in several pricing models. This wax table is compact but stable (120x35cm). Perfect for both the cottage, garage or storage room at home.

Running tights for winter use - Focus

These tights are made for cold conditions, and work just as well for a run in the winter as for skiing. Suitable for active fathers, who do various activities throughout the winter.

Cross-country hat for the high intensity trainer - Triac Pro

A seamless hat made for those high intensity workouts. This hat from the Triac collection is quick-drying and elastic, while providing enough warmth on nice winter days. Perfect for anyone who loves a longer ski trip.