RaceX Warm bodyw halfzip W

Performance underwear

A warmer body mapped wool mix version of SWIX' training underwear.

Color: Dark navy
RaceX Warm bodyw halfzip W Dark navy
RaceX Warm bodyw halfzip W Snow white
799 kr


    • A multisport technical bodywear
    • For versatile training/leisure purposes
    • Depending on temperature and personal insulation preferences and needs
    • Tight fit - See Product Specification Bullet Points for full garment details

    RaceX Warm bodyw halfzip W

    The warm version of our award winning training underwear feature most of the same properties as its lighter and thinner original. It is good from many of the same reasons. The warm version does however feature insulating naturally hollow wool fibers and an even more open and air trapping waffle structure. This is a very light, elastic, comfortable and insulating wool blended underwear.

    • FabricContent:Fabric 1: 34% Merino wool 66% Polyester Fabric 2: 100% Polyester
    • Size Range:XS-XL
    • Net weight (kg):0.3
    • Specification:Lightweight warm bodywear Quick-dry hydrophobic fibers combined with Fine 19,5 micron insulating wool Open waffle structure binds insulating air Cut fiber ends with comfortable soft feel Moisture absorbing structure for comfort Very stretchy all way elastic and naked feel
    • Gender:Women
    • Color:Dark navy
    • Size:L