New measuring system for Swix poles from the 22/23 season

Swix is changing how pole lengths are measured. This image was taken during testing of several new Swix poles. 

The length of the pole is now measured to the top of the strap. Previously, the pole length was measured to the top of the handle, i.e. further up. This will ensure that you get the same length of pole regardless of the type of handle it uses.

Swix is making this change so that the measurement system is compatible with FIS’ regulations concerning the maximum length of poles in competitions.

This is how the poles are measured

The poles are now being measured to the strap - Green line.
The pole was before measured to the top of the pole - Red line.


Conversion table: New vs old pole lenghst


Old pole length New pole length Effective length difference
135,00 130,00 -1,00 cm
137,50 132,50 -1,00 cm
140,00 135,00 -1,00 cm
142,50 137,50 -1,00 cm
145,00 140,00 -1,00 cm
147,50 142,50 -1,00 cm
150,00 145,00 -1,00 cm
152,50 147,50 -1,00 cm
155,00 150,00 -1,00 cm
157,50 152,50 -1,00 cm
160,00 155,00 -1,00 cm
162,50 157,50 -1,00 cm


160,00 -1,00 cm
167,50 162,50 -1,00 cm
170,00 165,00 -1,00 cm
172,50 167,50 -1,00 cm
175,00 170,00 -1,00 cm



Same, but not same:  There will now be two different models of Swix Triac 4.0 in circulation: A version with an old and new measuring systems. The poles are precisely the same except for how the length is measured. The table above shows that if you before used 155cm poles, you now must go down to 150cm. Then there will be a difference of one cm in actual length from what you are used to. If you want it exactly the same, the poles must be cut.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the new pole lengths

    Why is Swix changing the measuring system on its poles?

    There are two main reasons for changing the measurement system:

    1. The length now printed on the pole will correspond to the effective length of the pole. The length will then be the same regardless of which handle you choose.
    2. The new measuring system is similar to the way poles are measured according to the rules defined by FIS.

    What’s new?

    • The length of the pole is measured from the top of the strap. Previously, this measurement was taken from the top of the handle.
    • This makes the system compatible with FIS regulations.
    • You will get the same length, regardless of the handle on the pole.

    Which poles does this apply to?

    The change will apply to almost all cross-country ski poles. The exceptions are children’s poles and mountain ski poles.

    Not sure if a pole has an old or new length measurement?  Look for the red tag “new length” on

    What does it mean to me as a regular cross country skiier?

    If you’re a regular cross country skier, it won't matter unless you’re buying new poles. If you renew your 155-cm poles, the correct length will be 150 cm after the new measuring system.

    How does it affect anyone competing in e.g. Birken and Vasaloppet?

    Choosing the right pole length becomes much easier. If you are allowed to use 155-cm poles (according to the FIS rules), you can buy 155-cm poles. You no longer need to convert the pole length to FIS's length rules.

    Should I replace my old poles with new ones due to the new measurement system?

    No, this isn't necessary.

    How do I know if I have a new or old measurement system?

    Almost all cross-country ski poles launched in the 22/23 season follow the new measurement system. If in doubt, you can check by measuring if the marked length corresponds with the length from the tip to the strap attachment.

    I have a couple of Triac 4.0 poles bought in autumn 2021. They measure 155 cm. I have cracked one of the poles and need a new one. What length should I order according to the new system to make sure it matches the pole I already have?

    To match your 155-cm pole from 2021, order 152.5-cm and cut off 1.5-cm

    Does the new measurement system mean that I could actually use 2.5-cm longer poles in competitions? E.g.: According to the FIS rules, I can have a maximum of 157.5 cm. Could I have bought 160-cm poles?


    Is Swix the only supplier with such a type of pole length measurement?

    As of now (autumn 2022) there is no standard for how to measure poles. It is up to each manufacturer. Swix is the first to start using the “FIS method”.

    Will the poles I had before be as long as the new poles I buy? 

    No, the standard lengths of the poles will not be exactly the same. By standard length we mean the lengths you can buy in store.

    In the new measuring system, we measure the pole length from the tip up to the strap attachment. Previously, the pole length was measured to the top of the pole. The strap is attached 4 cm lower than the measuring point used previously, i.e. the top of the pole. This means that poles marked with e.g. 155 cm according to the old system will measure 151 cm using the new measuring system (155 cm – 4 cm = 151 cm).

    In order for the poles using the new measuring system to be the exact same length as the poles using the old system, we had to start with standard lengths of 151 cm, 153.5 cm, 156 cm, 158.5 cm, etc., which of course is not particularly appropriate.

    So: Your old poles marked with a length of 155 cm correspond to new poles of 151 cm. As 151 cm is not a standard length, you must choose between new 150-cm poles, which then become 1 cm shorter than your old poles, or 152.5 cm (provided that the pole model has 2.5 cm length intervals) which become 1.5 cm longer than your old poles.

    If it's particularly important for you to have exactly the same length of poles as before, you will need to buy 152.5-cm poles and cut them by 1.5 cm.

Recommended Cross Country Ski Pole Lengths

A simple rule to follow is that poles for classic should be 35 cm shorter than your body length and for skating 25 cm shorter than your body length.

If you are between two lengths, we recommend that you choose the shortest option.

boots (CM)
(Ft/ inches)
length -
length -
152,50 5' 0.00" 1175 1275
155,00 5' 1.02" 1200 1300
157,50 5' 2.00" 1225 1325
160,00 5' 2.99" 1250 1350
162,50 5' 3.97" 1275 1375
165,00 5' 4.96" 1300 1400
167,50 5' 5.94" 1325 1425
170,00 5' 6.92" 1350 1450
172,50 5' 7.91" 1375 1475
175,00 5' 8.89" 1400 1500
177,50 5' 9.88" 1425 1525
180,00 5' 10.86" 1450 1550
182,50 5' 11.85" 1475 1575
185,00 6' 0.83" 1500 1600
187,50 6' 1.81" 1525 1625
190,00 6' 2.80" 1550 1650
192,50 6' 3.78" 1575 1675
195,00 6' 4.77" 1600 1700
197,50 6' 5.75" 1625 1725
200,00 6' 6.74" 1650 1750


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