HS6 Blocks for Wax Machine, 1050g

HS6 - High Speed 6 Blue. Fantastic allround glider!

The HS series are great gliders for training and competition with very good glide properties.

1 599 kr
  • 3 days

HS6 Blocks for Wax Machine, 1050g

HS6 blocks for wax machine. Temperature range from -6°C to -12°C (21°F to 10°F). This wax is very versatile. Its area of use stretches from underlayer for powder to racing wax and base prep wax for cold skis. HS6 has good durability and offers great performance on natural and artificial snow. HS6 can be used as race wax alone or as a base for top coats.

  • FluorFree:
  • Net weight (kg):1.05
  • Country of Origin:Norway