Looking after your roller skis

Roller skis are like any sports and training equipment: They last longer if you take good care of them.  Here are our tips for maintaining your roller skis.

Looking after your roller skis is important because they are subjected to a huge amount of wear and tear every time you use them. Up and down from sidewalk curbs, through puddles and long braking make the screws and wheels wear faster, which means these tend to need replacing after a certain period of time.

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Watch video: Learn all the maintenance tips for a better roller skiing experience.

What to check on your roller skis before each training session:

  • Always check that screws and bolts are tight before starting the session. Tighten any that are even slightly loose. If any of the screws have been run along an edge, scraped along the asphalt or worn out over and above what is normal, these should be replaced. Read more about this further down in the article.

  • Ensure binding is secure. Check that you can feel that the binding is locked to your shoe. Does the locking mechanism of the roller ski binding feel like it's not working properly? Check these at your local sports store before setting off on a new roller ski tour.

  • Check wheels for excessive wear and handling. Expect to change roller ski wheels at regular intervals. Elite skiers usually switch once or twice during the season. We recommend that you bring your roller skis to a dealer to change wheels, but this can also be done by yourself. Read how further down the article.

Swix Roller ski maintenance worn wheels.jpg

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A smart trick is to take turns using the skis on the right and left side between each session so that you get an even wear on the wheels. For example: Put the ski you used on your right foot on your left foot on your next tour.

Many also switch skis halfway through a session to achieve equal wear.

What to do with your roller skis after each tour

  • Wash the roller skis with clean water and wipe with a cloth

Roller skis should be washed after every tour regardless of whether they are used in wet or dry conditions.

  • Store the roller skis in a dry place

This avoids rusting of screws, bindings and wheel bearings.

  • Store your roller skis in a bag when traveling and at the end of the season

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Changing roller ski wheels

  • Remove the worn wheel by loosening the screws on both sides. Give the wheel a gentle tap to make it come off the ski more easily.

  • When attaching the new wheel, it is important that the frame is firmly attached before tightening.

  • Tighten both screws to secure the wheel to the frame.

Swix Roller ski maintenance change wheel.jpg

NB! Classic roller skis have a difference between the front and rear wheels. The front wheel rolls equally well in both directions, but the front wheel has a lock, which means that it only rolls in the direction of travel. So make sure that you don't mount the front wheels on the back of the skis or vice versa, and that the rear wheel is fitted in such a way that the lock works in the right direction.

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Why you should replace broken mudguards on your roller skis

The mudguards above the wheels of the roller skis not only prevent water and dirt from splashing on you as you ski, they also protect vital parts of the skis themselves.

You should therefore replace broken or damaged mudguards on your roller skis. New mudguards are available at Swixsport.om and from your local Swix dealer.

  • Loosen the two screws that attach the mudguard to the ski and remove the broken part.
  • Clean the area before screwing on a new mudguard. Remember to keep the white rubber cover located between the mudguard and the frame of the roller skis.

Swix Roller ski maintenance change mudguards.jpg

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What to do with worn and broken screws on your roller skis

The roller skis can easily be scraped against asphalt, edges and other objects. What often happens is that the screws, which are located on the outside of the frame and which secure the wheel, get a lot of impact. It is easy to see if this screw has become scratched, worn or damaged.

A damaged or worn screw must be replaced. To do this, you need an Allen key and a new screw. New screws for the roller skis are available on our website and from your local Swix dealer.

  • Unscrew the broken or worn screw
  • Apply grease to the new screw before securing it in the roller ski. The grease makes it easier for you to replace the screw again.
  • Screw it in place and tighten it so that the screw is firmly in the roller skis.

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Lubricating the wheel bearing of your roller skis

You don't always need to change roller ski wheels even if you notice that they start to roll less. A good tip is to re-lubricate the wheel bearings. This is how you do it:

  • Unscrew the wheel from the roller skis and remove the screw located in the roller ski wheel
  • Remove the smooth bearing on the side of the wheel
  • Apply grease all around the inside of the wheel. Watch demonstration in this video.
  • Squeeze the bearing, fasten the screw and screw the wheel back onto the roller ski fork.

Swix Roller ski maintenance grease wheel bearing.jpg

Proper use and maintenance of your roller skis will extend your equipment life, reduce the risk of unforeseen events and enhance your roller skiing experience.

Other safety on roller skis

  • Always wear an approved helmet, gloves and high-visibility clothing.
  • Avoid highly trafficated roads
  • Wet roads increase the risk of losing control.
  • We recommend that you train on roller skis on dry asphalt.
  • Read more about roller skis in traffic here