Become fluorine-free in 1-2-3: How to get rid of ski wax with fluoride

Don't throw ski wax containing fluorine in the trash. This is how you dispose of your products correctly.

If you’re reading this now, you’re lucky! Until May 1, Swix is offering to dispose of fluorinated ski wax for you. All you have to do is send us your fluorine-containing products.

We will cover the shipping and give you a gift card worth SEK 500 as a thank you for helping to get rid of all the fluorinated ski waxes that are out there.

Read more about the fluorine redemption program.


Fluorine-free spray glide wax: Getting good skis couldn't be easier. Read more about liquid glide waxes on this page.

Get rid of ski wax with fluorine

The future of ski wax is fluorine-free. We at Swix are certain of that. Therefore, we stopped producing and selling ski waxes containing fluorine before the 2020 season.

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However, there are still fluorinated products out there. Maybe you have something in the garage or shed yourself? 

Join the voluntary effort to make skiing completely fluorine-free! You can do so by disposing of old fluorine-containing ski wax.

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Do not dispose of ski wax with fluorine in the trash

How do you actually get rid of fluorinated ski waxes?

Never dispose of old ski wax with fluorine in the trash at home. Then it will never disappear from nature!

Ski wax with fluorine must be taken to a waste station.
They will be able to take care of fluorine products correctly without impacting the environment. 

Here's what to do: Get rid of fluorine and change to fluorine-free ski wax.