A guide to the new Swix Triac collection

Swix Triac is a collection of cross-country clothing for those who demand the very best when skiing. Get to know all the garments here.

This winter's most fresh ski clothes are now on the market. The Triac collection from Swix consists of nine different garments and accessories, all of which have unique qualities to ensure that you can reach your potential with cross-country skiing.

Swix Triac article jacket skiing Lucas Chanavat.jpg

French international Lucas Chanavat in Swix Triac jacket and poles.

These training clothes match the famous Swix Triac 4.0 Aero ski pole, used by some of the world’s best skiers.

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Swix Triac jacket: Technical ski jacket for serious skiers

Swix Triac Neo Shell will make you perform. In this ski jacket, you can feel the air disappear behind you as you chase your personal goals on snow. It is a technical ski jacket made of windproof material with a slim fit and temperature regulation, and it has practical pockets for mobile and keys. – Swix Triac is designed for speed. The garments in the series, which have a slim fit, are designed to meet the needs of the ambitious skier, says Berg.

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Swix Triac pants: Ski pants with less air resistance

Swix Neo Shell pant is a perfect match with the jacket in the same series. The new slim-fit cross-country pant is made of elastic materials to give you less air resistance. Swix Triac Neo Shell pants have several practical details: A back pocket, lacing at the waist, and reflective elements.

Swix Triac article pants jacket skiing Lucas Chanavat.jpg

Swix Triac Neo Shell jacket and Neo Shell pants is a perfect match.

Swix Triac Tights: Perfect for cross-country skiing

Swix Triac Pro Warm Tights are the perfect choice for those who want to go fast in competitions or training. This warm cross-country tight gives the same light feeling on cold winter days as running in tights during the summertime. The tights are windproof, water-repellent, and contain wool to keep you warm.

Swix Triac vest: Two different ski vests

It is two different training vests in this new Triac series: Swix Triac Alpha vest and Swix Triac air mesh vest.

Swix Triac Alpa vest

This super light and comfortable insulating vest is the perfect partner for Triac Next To Skin top. 

Swix Triac article alpha vest skiing.jpg

Swix Triac Alpha vest comes in black for men and white for women.

Swix Triac air mesh 

This is an amazingly ventilating heat-insulating vest for cold training days. The elastic 3D-mesh construction traps insulating air inside the vest, keeping you extra warm in all weather conditions.

- Swix Triac air mesh is an exciting product. You can compare it with a technical and advanced string vest that releases excess heat from the body while keeping you warm on colder days, says Berg.

Swix Triac article mesh vest skiing.jpg

Swix Triac Air mesh is a unique product.

Swix Triac Next to Skin

Swix Triac Next To Skin offers the best of both worlds: Underwear and mid-layer in one. This top transports moisture away from the body, and it has an insulating layer on the outside. The Swix Triac NTS is supposed to be worn directly on the skin. It does excellent under both the jacket or the vest.

Swix Triac Pro: Beanie and gloves

The small details are essential when you go out to chase records on skis. The same goes for the accessories.

Swix Triac Pro is a technical ski glove in material that provides comfort when you are gripping the pole for miles upon miles. The glove is water and wind-resistant and is more durable than any other glove made for racing. Keep your head warm and dry with the Swix Triac Pro ski beanie. The beanie is knitted in a seamless 3D pattern so that you get the most comfortable hat experience possible.

Swix Triac article beanie gloves.jpg

Swix Triac 4.0 Aero ski pole and accessories:

A summary of Swix Triac:

  • A new set of training clothes made for cross-country skiing
  • An outfit that matches the famous ski pole Swix Triac 4.0 Aero
  • Cross-country jackets and pants are preferred and tested by elite-level skiers.
  • The different garments in the series mean that you are always adequately dressed regardless of the weather.

Once the clothes are in place, just start training and prepping your skis. Learn how to apply glide wax without an iron in this article.