The Norwegian people collected tons of ski lubrication with fluoride

"I can't imagine how much ski waxing there is," says national team skier Helene Marie Fossesholm. She pays tribute to everyone who has contributed to the cleanup of fluoride.


Future: Helene Marie Fossesholm is looking forward to a greener future for skiing.

Even though we at Swix stopped all production and sales of fluorinated ski lubrication in 2020, there is still far too much fluoride lubrication out there. To further accelerate a skiing without fluoride, we opened a deposit scheme this winter: Send us ski lubrication with fluoride and get a gift card of NOK 500 from Swix in return.

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7500 Norwegians have cleared the grease shed

May 1 was the last deadline to submit fluoride. By then, about 7500 Norwegians had gotten rid of an estimated approx. 3.5 tonnes of fluorinated ski lubrication!

"That's a lot! I can't imagine so much ski lubrication," says national team skier Helene Marie Fossesholm when she hears how Norway has mobilized to get rid of fluoride.

See check the amount of fluorinated ski lubrication that the Norwegian people have removed from nature:

13 years with Vasaloppet

How much is three tons of ski wax, really? Development Manager at Swix, Christian Gløgård, has calculated that it covers the needs of all runners in Vasaloppet 13 years ahead.

Fluoride is harmful to both health and the environment. That's why we want to get this out of the ski track now.


Fluro-free - For this year's season, and all after: This is how the message of Swix's campaign to get rid of fluoride from Norwegian lubrication stalls sounded.


Former world champion in the five-mile race, Hans Christer Holund, would also like to thank everyone who has cleared the lubrication booth of fluoride.

"It's amazing that so many people have contributed. This is a joint effort that the ski track stands together on", says the national team skier.

Do you want to get to know Hans Christer Holund and Helene Marie Fossesholm better?

Both have been guests on the podcast Skisporet. The episodes can be found here.


Impressed world champion: Hans Christer Holund sees the collection of fluoride as a voluntary effort for skiing. 

Fluoride-free ski lubrication takes over

"There have been so many good fluorine-free products, so I don't see any reason why we should save on fluoride products when fluoride-free is much better for our health and the environment. We depend on snow to ski! The snow will disappear if we don't take any action. It is therefore very good that it is heading towards a greener time in the ski track", says Fossesholm, one of Norway's medal hopes at the upcoming World Ski Championships in Planica.

Hans Christer Holund and Helene Marie Fossesholm train and compete with the ski pole Swix Triac 4.0 Aero.

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