Guide for cross-country skiing jacket and cross-country skiing pants. Find your favorite.

Are you looking for cross-country skiing jackets and cross-country skiing pants this winter? We’ve created a guide to help you find the perfect cross-country skiing suit for your needs, whether it's for your interval sessions in the biting cold or peaceful family skiing in the Easter sunshine.

For the athlete

Designed for top performance, the Triac range pushes technology to the limit, helping you unlock your potential on the ski trail. There are ten garments in the Triac range, all developed with a specific purpose. The cross-country skiing jacket and pants are made from Polartec® NeoShell®. This fabric has excellent breathability, while ensuring freedom of movement in all directions. NeoShell is 100% windproof and a soundless material that also minimizes air resistance. We’ve written a special article about this range, providing an in-depth description of each garment. Read more about the Triac range here

For the interval session

The Quantum series is designed for intensive sessions. A cross-country skiing suit with unlimited freedom of movement, allowing you to move freely in all directions, while the moisture wicking properties prevent you from overheating or getting cold between laps. The jacket, vest and pants are all made from a highly breathable and stretchy material without a membrane. There are no side seams, which makes this suit comfy to wear, even during fast-paced movement. Use the vest as a middle layer on colder days, or on its own for interval training in the spring sun. There is no lining in either the jacket, vest or pants, except for a thin and comfortable brushed fabric in the neck. With the reflective details, this suit is ideal for intensive sessions, also with running shoes.

For the recreational athlete

All garments in the Dynamic series feature a timeless design and the functionality needed for miles and miles of skiing. The jacket is made of breathable 3-layer softshell and has a Lycra fabric on the back panel for optimal comfort. The pants are made from the same 3-layer softshell with Lycra panels on the back of the knee. The main material is light and stretchy, and the reflective details make you visible in the dark, while the collar in the jacket is lined with brushed Lycra to keep you warm and comfortable. The cross-country skiing suit has been developed according to the body-mapping principle, with different materials in strategic locations for excellent freedom of movement and ventilation. This makes the suit extremely high quality and able to meet multiple challenges for years to come.


For the bonvivant

Our Legacy range is a tribute to the history of skiing. Inspired by our Nordic heritage, this series features a nostalgic and timeless design and luxurious materials. Every garment in the range is of a high quality, where sustainable materials take center stage. This suit is made from ECONYL®, nylon recycled from waste. This is extremely durable, so these garments can last a lifetime. The wool blend in both the jacket and the pants provides a unique interplay between sustainable materials and design. The Legacy range also includes a cotton anorak, naturally breathable while keeping the wind out. And we've also created an anorak in down, perfect as a mid-layer or cross-country skiing jacket in its own right. The range is designed for slower-paced skiing, where enjoyment is the main purpose. With its historical references, once you've finished skiing, this range also looks great as decor on the cabin wall, or worn at the après-ski.

Swix Paragon Gore® Infinium™

For training in cold weather

Paragon Gore Infinium will cope with the cold and wind on the mountains so that you can head off on your training session without your clothing getting in the way. The Paragon series uses first-rate materials, and is therefore suitable for the active skier who demands a great fit, comfort and technical details. The jacket and pants are made from triple-layer Gore® Infinium™ softshell at the front and feature 4-way stretch for full functionality. Both the pants and jacket have strategic panels with extra ventilation to effectively transport moisture out.

For tough winter conditions – this is our warmest cross-country skiing suit

The Blizzard range is designed for those who want to go skiing, even if the weather poses an extra challenge. Even in harsh winter conditions, this suit will keep you dry, warm and comfortable on the go.  The cross-country skiing jacket and pants have padding where you need it most, especially in the front and around the neck. The collar is extra large to fit a neck warmer. To increase the movement and breathability of the jacket, the areas under the arms and in the middle of the back are more stretchy and breathable than the rest of the jacket. The pants are also lined and have ventilation panels on the back.

For all kinds of skiing – in all kinds of weather

The anorak is a garment that has a long tradition both on and off the cross-country trails. The Blizzard range's version blends the stylish design of the old retro classic with technically updated materials. Both the anorak and the matching pants are made from a robust and waterproof stretch material, which also makes this suit perfect for mountaineering skiing. Don't worry about the weather - this is a classic you can always rely on. Of course, 3/4-lengths and gaits will also be added to this series, if you want to match the look of the anorak.

For relaxing skiing in cold weather

The Infinity cross-country jacket and pants are made with windproof and water-repellent front panels with a thin mesh lining on the inside, and with a fit adapted to cross-country skiing, this jacket is ideal for slower paced skiing in cold conditions. Both jacket and pants have stretch panels in strategic places for optimal comfort. The Infinity range is made from a durable woven fabric and, thanks to its timeless design, this is a ski suit that will last for many years to come.

For those who want one cross-country skiing suit – that goes with everything

If you’re looking for a versatile cross-country skiing jacket and cross-country skiing pants, we recommend the Evolution range. The jacket features the best of both worlds; windproof and water-repellent Gore Tex® InfinumTM combined with microfiber. The pants provide the optimum balance between protection, ventilation and comfort. Panels at the back of the jacket in technical CAD stretch, which ensures excellent freedom of movement and ventilation. Thin mesh lining retains heated air in the garment and provides sufficient insulation for training. Technical stretch panels on the back of the pants with brushed terrycloth on the inside provide excellent freedom of movement, ventilation and warmth.  Evolution is for those of you who want a bit of everything, and we can confidently recommend this model for both slower and faster paced skiing. PS. The Evolution range also includes a hooded cross-country skiing jacket.